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    Bag Mask Monitor
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    AV 400 Vein Viewing System
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    face shield

Laryngeal Mask

- The unique features of LaEncore Plus facilitate ease of insertion and reduce trauma to soft tissue. The distinctive characteristics of the reusable laryngeal airway are also available in a single use option, LaPremiere Plus. Can be steam sterilized at 134oC; warranted for 40 uses, - Pilot balloon acts as a pressure indicator to prevent over-inflation, - Unique one-piece design eliminates the occurrence of misaligned airways and the need for repositioning of the airway, - Made from AmSIL allows for flexibility whilst still maintaining a lumen resistant to kinking and occlusion, - Preloaded stylette enables the airway to be pre-formed for ease of insertion, - Colour-coded inflation line allows for easy identification of airway size before and after placement, - MRI compatible