1. Shoe Cover Machine1

    Shoe Cover Machine
  2. Bag Mask Monitor1

    Bag Mask Monitor
  3. Ezono1

  4. Laryngeal Mask1

    Laryngeal Mask
  5. Ventrain Ventilation Device1

    Ventrain Ventilation Device
  6. AV 400 Vein Viewing System1

    AV 400 Vein Viewing System

Mission Vision

In the fast-growing health care industry, we proved that we were permanent with our understanding of customer focus

Our mission is to serve for many more years together with our project partners and strong dealer network, which are specialized in the sector and to bring innovative & specialized approach is our priority.

At the same time, combined with the growing influence of our country in the Region and developing neighboring economies, our aim is to increase our export activities and to become an effective player in the Region through our medium and long-term plans