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Allied's commitment to new product development and technological improvements

Allied's commitment to new product development and technological improvements to existing medical devices has resulted in several exciting new products!

The new Mass Casualty Ventilation product line from Allied Healthcare Products has been designed from inception to meet the unique ventilation demands that can occur during a mass casualty event or pandemic. These new ventilators are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use, and designed for effective operation even in unpredictable environments and conditions. See how this new product line can help you to enhance your surge response capability.

The AutoVentTM 4000 Series Transport Ventilator with optional CPAP! is a pneumatically powered instrument that is durable and lightweight, with "Manual Breath Button" and "Anti-Breath Stacking" standard on all models. A large color-coded manometer gauge is accompanied by a full set of alarms to ensure optimal performance and critical patient safety. Optional air mixing provides 65% O2 concentration for extended cylinder life. The capabilities of ventilation and CPAP are all here in one compact system!

We are pleased to announce the addition of new Specification Sheets for our Alarm Panels. Please click on the icon below to review these current specifications.

The Life Support Products Advantage® Emergency Portable Suction Unit has the unique ability to operate at optimal performance from three power sources both inside and outside an emergency vehicle and while transporting patients to medical facilities. It has the longest run time before recharging, and is available in two models to provide a wide range of suction levels for gentle, yet powerful suction when and where it's needed.

The G180 AC/DC portable suction unit is the second generation OptiVac® in the industry-leading Gomco® line of suction equipment. The G180 can operate for approximately 3 hours at maximum vacuum. Its compact design, ease of operation, long-life rechargeable battery, AC power supply and fully-enclosed unit make it perfect for crash carts in hospitals, and for general suction use in homecare settings.

The LSP XTRA® Backboard provides the ultimate in x-ray translucence without sacrificing the rigidity needed to protect the patient. X-ray Translucent Rigid Affordable ... every body needs an XTRA Backboard!